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Where is Schoolies?

Published by Rich at June 29, 2017
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If you’re about to complete your last year of high school, you’ve no doubt been thinking about where your schoolies celebrations will be. You’re certainly not limited for places to go – schoolies can be wherever you want it to be, the possibilities and experiences that could be just around the corner are endless.

Where is schoolies - alternative schoolies adventures  

We've talking about what is schoolies, and when is schoolies. Traditionally, schoolies have been held across Australia, with the Gold Coast being one of the top destinations. Times are now changing though. There’s been much negative press about this option and every year a number of schoolies are injured or worse. This has lead school leavers to search for better options, something that’s a bit different and heading to unique places are now taking the cake. Places like Nepal are now featuring prominently.


This landlocked country in South Asia might not have been the country that first sprung to mind when you thought of celebrating schoolies abroad but it should be on your list of places to consider. Nepal’s got something to offer everyone, whether you’d love to be surrounded by the unforgettable mountain panoramas, walking your way through a lush jungle or changing lives by volunteering in rural villages our trips mean you get to sample some of the best experiences in the country in just two weeks.


It’s the impact that a unique experience of travelling to such a different culture can have on your life that makes Nepal the perfect place. We admit however that this trip isn’t for everyone, nor do we accept all schoolies.  Past Himalayan Schoolies clients have noted how the trip challenged, inspired and taught them something new, not only creating the incredible memories that schoolies is all about but setting them up for their next steps in life too.


Not sure what a Himalayan Schoolies trip would look like? Every day is filled with something new in this diverse country. Jam packed with activities every step of the way, you’ll never be at a loss for something to do. Among our planned and eagerly awaited activities are:


Kathmandu tour: You’ll be taken on a personal tour of Nepal’s famous capital city. Steeped in history and a top cultural destination, you’ll be sampling delicious local food, shopping for handmade products, and exploring the winding streets.


School visit: Our trip includes staying and volunteering at a ruralschool in Chitwan, it’ll be one of the most unforgettable and rewarding experiences of your life. From giving walls a lick of paint to teaching the kids the latest pop tunes, you’ll love this part.


Jungle safari: The Citwan jungle is teeming with life, including wild rhino and crocodiles, and there’s no better way to experience this than through a safari. You’ll even be able to walk with elephants and take them for a bath in the river! Learn about animals in Nepal here


Paragliding: Soar like an eagle among the clouds of Nepal by trying out paragliding. You’ll be rewarded with incredible views and if trying a new adrenaline fuelled activity is just what you’re after, don’t worry we have more similar things planned too #bungee

So, how about it? Our schoolies celebrations this year could lead you to Mount Everest and the jungle of Chitwan. Schoolies is perfect for Nepal.

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