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What is Schoolies Week?

Published by Rich at June 29, 2017
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So what is schoolies week? The first, and traditional answer, is that “schoolies” is a 2 week end-of-school party for year 12 school leavers. They are the first weeks at the end of school, which starts around mid November. Go here to find out when is schoolies week?

What is Schoolies - Himalayan Schoolies - Life Begins Here

It’s seen as the ultimate way to mark a significant milestone and create memories with friends, schoolies week has been growing in popularity for decades. For many it’s now seen as a rite of passage.


Every year tens of thousands of school leavers descend on the Gold Coast, with thousands more schoolies heading to other spots too.


While spending a week with you friends on sunny strips of beach promises to be fun, it’s an experience that’s become marred by binge drinking, violence, and drugs – earning the celebrations an infamous reputation in the media. But it’s not just the media perception that’s being affected, schoolies are having a disappointing experience despite getting what they wanted. In fact, a survey found that most schoolies said their experiences were negative, simply following what is expected rather than doing something they would enjoy.


What should schoolies be?

The good news is that schoolies can be a whole lot more. We think you should demand that to be the case.

Schoolies should be about the chance to truly begin exploring the world, make lifelong friends and do something memorable. The chance to travel and to learn about different cultures. The ability to leave an impact by doing volunteering work. It’s about the thrill of adventure riding the world’s longest zip line and flying like an eagle paragliding over the himalaya.


Schoolies is no longer a word that describes a 2 week party, schoolies is instead about the coming of age and experiencing those life changing moments that only come along on those very rare instances in life. Schoolies has indeed grown up. That’s not to say that the traditional schoolies is not a good option for some. We just believe at Himalayan Schoolies that the new order of Schoolies, the schoolies in this era, is a whole new game. We believe it’s the start of life. And since you can only begin life once, you’ll only ever get one chance to leave school and have that experience, we believe it should be memorable and impactful.


Choosing the right schoolies event or trip means you can seize an opportunity to grow as a person, build your confidence, and gain a new perspective – perfect for whether you’re heading into a new jobor trundlling off to university.


Himalayan Schoolies has redefined what Schoolies means , we take you on an adventure you’ll never forget. Trust me about that! You’ll see areas of the world and experience a culture completely different from anything in you know at home. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone, you’ll have an amazing time, and experience unique memories all the while doing this with your friends. The fun doesn’t stop there either, you will have the opportunity to try one of the worlds longest zip lines, paraglide over the himalaya, see mount Everest! and even try a bungee jump. What else could you ask for. Truly something you’re ever likely to forget. Sign Up now to be part of it or comment below to tell us what you think! 



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